Welcome. Thank you for taking the time to visit my digital portfolio. This ePortfolio is a blueprint of my accomplishments in pursuit of my academic goal: the DNP.

As the song goes, "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."
John Lennon 1971

Since my childhood, I have always been a dream catcher. My parents and grandmother instilled in me that - through education you can reach your goals in life. Attaining my doctorate in nursing practice as a terminal degree is the realization of my scholarly objective.

I retired seven years ago after serving twenty-five-and-a-half years at a large organization as a nurse practitioner. However, I did not allow retirement to dissuade me from continuing my educational journey.

The DNP program of Texas Woman's University, faculty, clinical preceptors, classmates, and friends taught me the skills, helped me persist, and remain determined to acquire this degree. I have embraced the wealth of knowledge and leadership skills in navigating our complex health system through this program. Now that I am nearing my goal, I plan to continue sharing my knowledge and skills with the "young nurses" and I will continue to disseminate health promotion and prevention.



  • Completion of my DNP degree in 2019
  • Continue teaching within the FNP program
  • Continue to provide health promotion and prevention at the corporate level

  • YEAR 2

  • Assist FNP students with e-learning
  • Improve the process of preceptor recruitment, retention and commitment of the FNP preceptors
  • Membership in a special interest group (SIG) for global health
  • Expand corporate health through marketing
  • Participate in research through collaboration

  • YEAR 3

  • Continue my academic and clinical teaching
  • Facilitate and coordinate healthcare through community health fairs
  • Become active in politics by writing letters and attending meetings

  • YEAR 4

  • Continue to advocate for full practice authority in Texas
  • Advocate for tax incentive for nursing preceptors
  • Continue health promotion and prevention among corporations
  • Continue teaching and mentoring student nurses

  • YEAR 5

  • Continue to disseminate my knowledge and skills through teaching
  • Continue interprofessional local and global health initiatives
  • Continue to provide health promotion and prevention at the corporate level


    You may download my CV by clicking here.


  • NURS 6323 - Informatics and Research in Nursing and Healthcare (HIPPA & Security and Interoperability)
  • LS 5533 - Internet Research for Non-Library Science Major ( Does Google makes us smarter or dumber, Uptodate versus Academic Research Library Database)
  • NURS 6043 - Policy, Power & Politics (Groundwork for Texas Full Practice Authority, Polarity Map)
  • NURS 6023 - Philosophy of Nursing Science (My Worldview)
  • NURS 6613 - Introduction to Clinical Investigation in Nursing
  • NURS 6033 - Ethical Dimensions in Nursing (Reflections: My sister Keeper)
  • NURS 6163 - Health Outcomes (Nurse Practitioner Preceptor Shortage, Challenges)
  • NURS 6313 - Epidemiology, Health Promotion and Research (Epi:HHD Plan, Harvey Debris,
  • BIOL 6843 - Healthcare Genetics (Breast cancer genetics)
  • NURS 6903 - Elective: Violence Against Women
  • NURS 6063 - Financial Management for Advanced Practice Nursing (HHD Business Plan)
  • NURS 6035 - DNP Practicum I
  • NURS 6045 - DNP Practicum II [In Progress]
  • NURS 6303 - DNP Scholarly Project (Preceptor Commitment: Process Improvement Project) [In Progress]